Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blogging Design Tips

Blogging Design Tips by eBlogger
Blogging is all about having great content, having said that the design of blog also have significant importance.

Bloggers may not be expert in web designing, but easier navigation, seo are some of the basic requirements which must be in every blog as good design has huge impact on blogs performance.

Here are five Tips to Design your Blog by eBlogger Tips :-

1) Simple Themes - Use Simple Themes as this gives much flexibility to your blog as you can at any time add new widgets/gadgets to your blog. And simple themes are easy to maintain and loads faster on any web browser

2) Easier Navigation - Every blog should be handy with all important links like - labels/tags, privacy policy, contact form, etc. As all relevant and important information should be easily accessible to readers

3) Have Newsletter Signup Widget - In blogger Newsletter Signup is significantly very important widget, as this keeps your most valuable readers informed about your latest posts and keeps your readers engaged and make them visit again and again to your blog

4) Use Images Along with Posts - To illustrate your post adding image along has great impact as relevant and high-impact image in your blog posts have huge importance.

5) Use Social Sharing Widget - Social Share Widgets help your blog posts to reach significant visitors to subscribers into loyal and valuable readers and enables visitors to share and spread your content on social media

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