Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Edit Facebook Comments

You might be in a situation where you commented 'crepe chunk' on your friends cool pic and later you had a thought, that i could edit that comment to 'crepe crunch'.

Now you decided to delete that comment and again bring your awesome thoughts to work :)

Now there is no need to delete your comments, instead just edit comments after posting it.

ESG- FB edit Comment

Well now this is possible on facebook ! 

According to a Facebook spokesperson, "You'll now be able to edit your comments anytime after you post them."  this is "particularly useful if you've made a typo and already have some likes and don't want to delete your comment entirely."

With the new edit feature, you can click the "x" button on a comment at any time and have the option to edit it. This is much awaited update from facebook. So kick start now with this cool feature @eBloggerTips and check if comment editing system kicked in for you yet?

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