Saturday, March 2, 2013

How Google's Search Works

This is really very exciting to know that - How Google’s search works? Isn't it we all sometimes wonder that how Google search and index your wonderful blog and how does Google gives you exact search result which we are looking for !

Now Google has launched a new website known as - How Search Works, this website elaborates and gives you a behind the scenes look at the process from start to finish.

As per Google's Official blog - Ask a question, get an answer. But what happens in between? Last year Google released an animated site that illustrates an email's journey to friends and family around the world. Today we're releasing a similar website called How Search Works.

Here you can follow the entire life of a search query, from the web, to crawling and indexing, to algorithmic ranking and serving, to fighting webspam.

On Google's Search Works you can find an animated explanation of search, as well as take a closer look at Google’s search algorithms and features.

A few things you'll find :-

  • An interactive, graphical explanation of Google Search
  • A view into major search algorithms and features
  • A 43-page document explaining how we evaluate our results
  • A live slideshow of spam as we remove it
  • Graphs illustrating the spam problem and how we fight it
  • A list of policies that explain when we'll remove content

Check out Here - How Google's Search Works

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