Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Top 20 Inspirational Logo Designs

This post features the top and the best logo design inspiration for 2013. Typically, we find a logo's design for immediate recognition. Stylish and Inspiring Logos are identity for our brand Isn't It ! 

Here is collection for - Top 20 best Inspirational Logo Designs :-

1) Logo of Paint The World Green :-
Logo of Paint The World Green by

In this Logo you will find World Map i.e. Paint The World Green

2) Logo of Hartford Whalers:-

Logo of Hartford Whalers by

This Logo depicts "The Whale", Hartford Whalers that is. Notice the H and W

3) Logo of Tostitos :-

Logo of Tostitos by

You'll  find two people enjoying a Tostito chip with a bowl of salsa in the word: Tostitos.

4) Logo of Amazon :-
Logo of by

 Amazon Logo ("from A to Z")

5) Logo of Le Tour de France :-

Logo of Le Tour de France by

There is an image of a person riding a bicycle, the yellow circle is the front wheel and the r is the body

6) Logo of Wisdio :-

Logo of Wisdio by

The logo of wisdio includes swirly owl's eyes placed as "d" and "o" letters

7) Logo of Swing Studios :-

Logo of Swing Studios by

8) Logo of The Guild of Food Writers :-

Logo of The Guild of Food Writers by

The spoon is the center of the ink pen

9) Logo of counter current :-

Logo of Counter Current by

The arrow between the 4 white arrows made using negative color. It shows counter current

10) Logo of Twins :-

Logo of Twins by

Notice the rotated '2' in place of 'n'

11) Logo of Formula 1 :-
Logo of Formula1 by

Number 1 in the negative space between the F and the red stripes which are italicized to evoke a sense of speed and movement.

12) Logo of Baskin Robbins :-

Logo of Baskin Robins by

Baskin Robbins Logo Shows (31 flavors)

13) Logo of MyFonts :-

Logo of MyFonts by

The MyFonts logo, which contains a hand in the 'My'

14) Logo of Museum of London :-

Logo of Museum of London by

Museum of London - design represents the geographic area of London as it as grew over time 

15) Logo of Boxsit :-

Logo of Boxsit by

Boxsit - Box + Chair

16) Logo of CodeFish :-

Logo of CodeFish by

Combination of Code Syntax is making fish

17) Logo of DJ Loop :-

Logo of DJ Loop by

In DJ Loop Logo (It Combines Music Player controls in a Loop)

18) Logo of Electric :-

Logo of Electric by

In this Logo notice the switch and the wire going though the letters

19) Logo of Forever bicycles :-

Logo of Forever bicycles by

This Logo combines a bicycle, the Chinese characters (永久) and an infinity symbol (∞)

20) Logo of Skimr :-

Logo of Skimr RSS Reader by

Logo looks like Ice-Cream-Cone with RSS feed as toping

Which Logo you find more Inspirational ? Share your Views in below Comments Section ! And Don't miss any of Cool Update by Subscribing to Free Email Updates !!

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